Bloomfield Bees



Bloomfield Bees offers Nucs to Sonoma County, California Beekeepers.


Nucs are $160.00 including a 2 hour hands on class in one of my apiaries. A nuc is a nucleus of the hive. It is 5 frames with a queen and her own brood and bees and honey, pollen and nectar. There is a 5 frame exchange for a nuc. The colony can be installed into your equipment, by me before you take it home, to make it very easy to get started. This is much more successful than installing a package of unrelated bees and queen, and may even bring in a honey crop your first year!

Nucs We do not ship our nucs. You must be able to pick up your nucs at Bloomfield Bees in Sebastopol, CA. Feel free to contact us for further details.